Together we meet

Once a week I am the luckiest man alive

I get to chat with my special friends who give me inspiration to strive

We chat, laugh, solve the problems of the world and sometimes cry

There is no chest beating, no one has to try

People who do not have dementia fail to understand why we enjoy it so

Even though we all live with dementia we still give a life a good go

Never giving in just accepting changes even if initially with disbelief

Dementia is like having your heart and soul robbed by a common thief

So, every week meet, greet, chat, show, look and sometimes even cry

One common theme that is strong between one and all

Love, friendship, and above all caring for one another is the call

I love honour and respect every one of you guys and love the way you have always supported and shown love to me and Sue beyond our wildest dreams.

I wish you all love happiness and peace every day of your lives and do so much look forward to seeing you today



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