Lonely Nights

Hello lonely night again guess what I can’t sleep
Deep sleep is a dream I can keep
I think a lot about Suzie my wife carer and love of my life Thoughtful caring loving strong tough yes that’s my wife
You see her life is different in so many ways now
Full time carer is the hardest job with only love as a know how
24/7 is a carers role think about that no matter where you go
I can’t be left alone not for a minute or I could be a no show Mentia comes in the blink of an eye dam thing stays far to long
This leaves Suzie lonely and sad even though she is strong No matter how much we love and care for each other
When mentia is here that’s time lost between us we’ll never recover
The look in her eyes says it all
I am so proud to me she stands ten feet tall
The respite lady comes every two weeks to give my darling a rest
Just think about it three hours off in two weeks but it’s a test According to Suzie It is her responsibility, her job but that three hours must be so good
There is a feeling of guilt leaving me with someone who is less understood
Remember 24/7 it is very hard go to bathroom whilst keeping your sanity
Constantly calling are you still there at least there’s no anger or profanity. For me, how do I ever say thank you to the strongest loving most caring woman I know?
Lots of kisses cuddles held tight saying I love you is the way I always show


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