Yesterday, today and tomorrow

There are times I feel like tomorrow is so far away

Certain symptoms have come knocking on my door, determined to stay

Yesterday has gone never to return

This stupid thing has robbed me of energy to burn

Through all of this, there is, laughter, love, caring and mayhem

It is gratifying to have such love and understanding from my good friends, one all of them



Today is the first day of the  rest of my life

Today is the day I wake and kiss my wife

Today, I am alive, so I will give it my all

Today I will strive to help someone to stand tall

Today is really all about the first step towards happiness for the rest of my life

Today I will face challenges together with my wife

Compassion, love and laughter

Through thick and thin and always with a smile

Good friends always remain, not just for a while

We help each other in our hour of need

Always remember advice offered we may not head

Advice, caring, compassion, and love, all go together as one

Sharing laughs, crying, emotions, and then some

I am so honoured, proud and pleased to be involved with people as described above

We all have plenty of one special quality, called, LOVE

Strong, wrong or right

I have been told by my GP that changes are a part of FTD

With words that will not come out, this was agreed

Slurring of words is now common you see

I never thought this would happen to me

Every day I say “Don’t be stupid, talk normally”

Hard as I try I cannot do the formally

Through all of this one thing is clear

Good friends are true friends and I hold them dear

One thing I know for sure

I have many resources and past experiences and possibly more

In a short time, I will learn to accept what dementia has sent my way

Bounce back I will as like this I cannot stay

Good Friends

Good friends are friends that stand by you through good times and bad

life long friends give you love and support if you are hurting, happy or sad

Good friends say I love you and that warms your heart

With a tear in your eye, choking up, words are hard to start

I know him he is a friend of mine and that is true

I am talking about friends that are special to me and to Sue

You can see it in their eyes and know it comes from the heart

These friends are friends from now until  death us do part

I love you all so much

To see you all each week gives me such a rush

Who needs drugs what we have no one can replicate

Your love, support and genuine concern I can never underestimate