Always busy

Always busy means my brain is busy too

Fully committed to Dementia Alliance International and so is Sue

For her role as a carer grows and grows each day

As symptoms increase, that is the price I pay

I have to  keep going to stay in front of the rolling fog

If not I will become like a vegetable or a log

Helping other people living with this insidious disease

Love, kindness, consideration and compassion if you please

Support goes further than what we consider to be normal

This always should be informal

A confirmed diagnosis of dementia is required

Strive to survive

Start of another day wondering what it will bring

Will it be dementia, aphasia, my neck or the pressure in the head thing

I often read about people’s concerns and worries, thinking, are you still alive

Each day learning to live with what you have, not telling the world about how your life has taken a dive

With more money I could buy gifts and dreams that I know my wife deserves

Still, I wonder what today will bring, one issue or more with no reserves

When will my neck pain overtake the pain medication

Is this life of pain just around the next corner at the next station

Start of another day wondering what it will bring

Who cares, no not I because I am alive

Each day is a new day in which I must strive


As I look to the future with scepticism, fulfilment and doubt

I now have two majors in my life for which there is no doubt

Positivity waining as dementia and my neck consume all my energies abound

Concentration and ability questionable as my failing speech does sound

Tomorrow will be better than the last I silently say

Twitching hands, feet arms and legs going every which way

My finger misses each letter refusing to stay

There are times when pain is really bad and I twitch, jump, fart and have trouble to speak

Then I say, pull yourself together or you will be weak

Eyes never lie

Been a while my so-called friend

I thought this message I would send

Maybe one day I will call you my friend

When you understand what I go through each and every day

You may not believe this, but dementia is here to stay

If you are family, friend or foe

One thing for sure is dementia will never go

You may use excuses and give reasons why

Just remember your eyes never lie