What Have I done?

As another year draws to a close

Have I learned or achieved anything that shows

I have achieved a few small things for which I am pleased

Hopefully a for a few people, their lives have eased

Personally I feel I have changed in so many ways

We will have to wait and see if it stays

Confidence, listening and stating my case

These I feel have improved but still need to be chased

My Wife

As my wife prefers not to be called a carer

I suppose a more suitable word would be sharer

Sharing the good with the bad

Sometimes feeling lonely and sad

Sue cannot go shopping as she would like to do

Too much noise, lights and people which upsets me to

Dementia causes me to forget, more and more as the symptoms progress

This has no regress

I am told that at times I get snappy which makes Sue very unhappy

Dementia, stress and ????

What was I stressing about again?

I can’t remember, Where, why, how or when

Very stressful, not knowing what I should be stressing about

Perhaps I should get angry and shout

Will you please tell me what it is all about again

What if I only stress every now and then

We live in a world of rip, tear and bust

In each other they do not trust

If you can find the roses give them a smell

What was it I was stressing about, OH well

When a carer uses logic

My wife Sue looks after me twenty-four-seven

She truly is a gift from heaven

Constantly checking in case I go for a walk

On my own I cannot walk

New symptoms get met head on every time

Turning misery into laughter is not a crime

OH SHIT, say I, OH WELL, say she

Laughter is next for both Sue and me

Sue’s logic means she is always right

My next win seems never in sight

Sue and Kate use logic to keep me grounded every time

Can I win one, that would not be a crime

Every year that was

Every year we all reflect on the year that was for us

For some a negative, the rest a plus

What have I achieved in this year

Does the answer bring a smile or a tear

Have you changed one person’s life

Maybe him, her or his wife

You see as I see it every day

If I wake up then in this world I still stay

I am still here I am still me, that is all I need


When I was young and carefree, we played outside until fading light

Playing cricket you hit the ball out of sight

Tin garbage bin or a cardboard box for wickets

At sundown you always rely on the noise of the crickets

Come inside, it is too dark was the call

I have to go and get the ball

 In those days the only one thing scary about the night

That was the absence of light

Nothing to worry about in those days

A bit cooler without the sun’s rays

Communication at such an age was done by bike

If not, you had to take a hike

No electronic toys in those days at all

Find a hill to ride your bike down was the call

Inclusion, laughter, me & you

To not include me is just plain wrong

Frustration, anger and sadness will last long

What has changed so much, am I dead

Explain to me so it is clear in my head

We used to laugh, have fun and talk

Now, I can’t even go for a walk

You all talk about me as if I am not here anymore

Please include me in all decisions and discussions for my happiness to restore

I am still here I am still me, Why can’t you see

I need to be included in everything concerning me

People look at me, then at you and they do not know what to say

If somebody asked me I would say start with HELLO

The Good old days

I can remember way back when

Things were so simple then

Bread and milk were delivered by horse

Life was much slower of course

No TV, computer, x box at all

Sit by the open fire was the call

All the food was made by hand

The Sunday roast, shelled peas, home made apple pie, the best in the land

Now life is fast, full of rip tear and bust

Must beat the Jones’ even if that boat does rust