Dementia versus pain

My future is mapped out for me in two very uncertain ways

One is dementia with a decline in cognitive abilities, memory loss and more, increasing every day

Some may choose to never believe what different scans, clinicians, radiographers say and more

There will always be a range of varied non-believers that’s for sure

The second is by far the most frightening of all

I will end up in a wheelchair, that’s the specialist’s call

All five disks in my neck are slowly decaying and in such a state

Bone on bone, bone in nerve, hole in nerve, all part of my fate

C4 is bulging and compressed which is causing concern

My ever increasing and changing medication is such that Sue must learn

Soon as pain medication becomes less and less of an option

There will be no medical concoction

Some will say that is a long way down the track

I will trade places with you for just one day then will not be coming back

Fight on I must and will, until that day, until


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