Positive, not always

A week of mixed emotions, highs, lows, ebbs and flows

Thinking about life that’s the way things go

Life changing symptoms never asked for, but here to stay

Acceptance always hard, never back away as it will never go away

Shock turns to anger, confusion and all

I was going so well what caused my symptoms to fall

Seeing the words that won’t come out of my head

Frustration now, confusion instead

Out of all of this, there is something  that brings me to tears

The love and support will  allay all my fears

In public, people snigger, laugh and stare

I know I should stare and say I don’t care

I know that tomorrow extended family love will get me through the day

I have so much still to do and so little time every day I say

One day silence will reign

Then I will not be able to complain