The blind may see

Maybe one day the blind will see

Truth hidden behind a shield told with glee

Media sending messages about such an important issue

” Such is life ”  that will make our work harder, some will reach for a tissue

Tomorrow is another day where I really know people who I love and trust

Family, good friends, mentors and many more believe me I will not stop and rust

Tomorrow will hopefully not bring more of the same

If so it will be a different game

Thank you for the lovely comments, wishes and more


Send it back

Something has happened to my short-term memory and I do not know why

I have lost it and can’t remember where, when or how making me go shy

I can keep a secret for as long as you want me to

Give me a minute or two and I will not know what you wanted me to do

It must be in the same place as my concentration and comprehension I think

If you see it, don’t lose it, don’t even blink

Bloody dementia, some will say

Just another price you have to pay

Gives us a laugh every time

To lose the functions is not a crime

So if you find what I have lost, please send it back

Snail mail, email or even a train that is on the right track

Help us spread the word

Advocacy for the betterment of people living is dementia is not work

It does not  and should not be about self promotion with all the perks

It is not about or for me

If one person learns some facts about dementia then I have done what I set out to do you see

Advocacy needs more involvement, if I can do it anyone can

Be it Peter, Tom, Mary or Stan

Give it a go as your story is unique and informative to all

Stand up, get involved and stand proud and tall

Help us spread the word

Media, experts and authors

Many academics and so called experts who write about dementia are wrong

Feeling so righteous and proud by talking to one five or ten makes them feel expertly strong

Cashing in on someone’s journey and ultimate passing gives them the right to say how we live and how we feel

Offensive and insulting ill-informed remarks by self opinionated authors who believe what they write is real

The media has a part to play by using correct language and consulting the real experts namely us

Some of us will tell you our story without fame glory and a fuss

So called experts who are authors of many books must only write facts gained by permission from the only true experts

Telling the full story not just excerpts

Ask any expert living with a diagnosis of dementia

Customer service lacking

Technology is now a no friend of mine

Customer service does now not shine

Major telcos and customer service are a thing of the past

While billions are being made we will always be last

Our complaints section is outstanding as we resolve all complaints

Always  making themselves out to be saints

Told by their employer to lie all day

This will make new customers stay

After 30+ hours of lies and disgust

Pushed from country to country hoping that you will get old and rust

Customer service has gone back 60 years

Pain no Longer

When a good friend dies a part of him always stays

That part is in our heart always

We all carry on his legacy with more vigour and might

Keeping his dreams and wishes in sight

We will strive to be half as good

Spreading the word just like he would

His wisdom, knowledge and foresight were ahead of his time

Going against the grain, upsetting those who chose not tow the line

His work will be carried on by so few

Those he kept close and of which he knew

Now he is in a happy place with pain no longer

Knowing this should make us stronger

RIP  Richard Taylor  25 July 2015

Inability to ACT

Giving a presentation always inspires me

On each one I must improve you see

Inspired by a man with such knowledge, foresight, wisdom and witt

Determined to carry on his legacy with true grit

We must grow in numbers , strength, knowledge and care

True values about dementia we must be willing to share

As real experts we must make people aware

That we have a disAbility and ” YES ” they should care

No longer will we be told to sit in the corner, dribble and do as you are told

We are the new generation and we would like to welcome you in from the cold

Our disAbility is only defined by our inability to act

Positive or Denial

People look at me with sadness and fright

When I tell them of what will come as I have a little insight

I choose to block it all out, call it denial if you will

I feel as though I am running from a vortex and can’t stand still

Perhaps being positive is a form of denial

If so lets all hit redial

I know what is coming and I really don’t care

For as long as I can my story I will share

Public speaking is now a way of life

A big thank you to my driver, my carer, my wife


Driving today for a few hours

Giving a presentation tomorrow so people will know what happens when our life sours

Speech prepared, practised many a time

A personal account of living positively  with dementia which is not a crime

Giving presentations I do enjoy as people are made aware of what goes on inside our head

My story is not based on academic achievements or so called professionals in the know

It is all from the heart  as my speech will show

Trials and tribulations, disbelievers and insults sometimes come my way

That is fine

One day they will learn as well, only then will my work shine

I prefer hard work and achievements for people with dementia to live a life that is better each and every day

People will hopefully realize that dementia is here to stay

My life would be hell without certain peoplein my life

Mentor, sister and most importantly my wife

Finally There

Finally you are there

When you first told us we said you are going where

You have a good time and enjoy it while it lasts

Five weeks will go so fast

Many photos, stories and yarns to tell

All whilst your sister is going through hell

The memories will stay with you for the rest of your life

Meeting new friends on the tour hopefully not ending in strife

We are so proud of you and everything you have achieved in your life so far

We know Leah will look after your car