Be Positive

I start my day just like you do except some days I start with mentia from early in the morning.
Sometimes Sue tells me I have been snoring
Each day starts without a plan, because when an episode occurs you know not where or when
Some days we go to the local plaza, some days we stay home every now and then
Jigsaw puzzles are a big part of our life, make you use your brain they say
Personally I cant see any improvement but puzzles are here to stay.
Stability is a big problem along with cognitive skills are getting harder each day
Frustration becomes a daily event at little things getting worse are here to stay
I often ask myself where did I go wrong what have I done wrong
Sometimes the feelings are so strong
A thousand questions only one answer, Dementia is here to stay
Blame and guilt do not help even though they will not go away
All of this can bring a tear to my eye giving in to a good old cry
I often say I am sorry to my wife for putting her through all of this does not leave us dry
Enough of sad times now for good times

Be positive and say each day I will smile


One thought on “Be Positive

  1. Keep on being positive Mick… you are doing a great job so far! This is a terrific poem blog too, well done for setting it up. Next step will be to get you video recording yourself reading them and then uploading here as well!!!


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