Advocacy and Presentations

Advocacy work is not hard to get into all

Persistence is paramount if you are to stand tall

Advocacy involves standing up against mainstream

If you are told “NO”, simply say what do you mean

Experts are experts in their own field, and so it should be

We are the only real experts in dementia you see

Give presentations with your head held high

People will give you credence and sigh.

Tell one and all your story

warts and all, in all of it’s glory

The hardest part of all is the first step

It is not about me

 I feel honoured by people who tell me what a good job I am doing every day

Making a difference to people living with dementia in so many ways

My wife often says it is recognition for all of the work that I have put in

I keep saying it is not about me as I see people’s faces light up with a  grin

What I do concerns everybody who is living with dementia and STIGMA for them is a struggle

Reach out to someone who is in that position and needs a cuddle

Thank you for all of your kind words and messages which encourages me to go further and harder.

Tell more and more people, this is what I wish for

Devotion with passion to a cause is a powerful tool

We will no longer be seen as a fool

Positive Attitude

When life gets you down and things look grim

Always find  something that you will make you at least grin

Positive attitude breeds a positive attitude

You will be filled with gratitude

At times being positive can be all to hard

Sometimes I criticised for being a card

I understand and respect people’s wishes as that is their choice

Unlike many, being positive means people hear our voice

I know that dementia will eventually cause me to die

Until that comes why should I be shy


I was bought up with Honesty is the best policy

Always tell the truth consciously

When I was young it was often met with “Tell me why”

In those days two words that come to mind are introverted and shy

At times this caused blame to be shifted my way

As I grew older a man’s handshake was his word

Dishonesty and lies gives one credence to be heard

Lies are now an acceptable part of society and every day life

Majority of which never get into strife

My Passion

When I feel strongly about something I make it my passion

Sometimes it may not always be in fashion

We meet each week to talk about anything at all

Like minded people walk away feeling happy and ten feet tall

Every week we discuss all things that make us laugh a lot

A serious lot we are not

What the group does for one and all can never be measured

For me all memories will always be treasured

Talking to people from all corners of the globe each week

A promise made to the great man is what drives as attention I do not seek


When you are first diagnosed there a feeling of being all alone

At the time you think it is set in stone

Never listening to loved one’s or those who care

Wishing to avoid telling anyone and the stare

Do not tell ” Oh you poor thing “

Your false sentiment has a familiar ring

Pity is something I do not need

You know nothing about it even though you believe you are doing a good deed

Stigma Stigma makes me sad

Even makes some people mad

Positive, positive, positive

To be positive all the time takes courage and an attitude of never giving up.

To have one hundred doors closed in your face makes you doubt and wonder what’s up

Persistence is the best resistance I always say

To give in no matter how depressing means a price for which you will pay.

People out the need to be informed for us to succeed

Only then can people with dementia feel as if they have been freed

Never ever give up

What drives to keep going every day

A positive attitude is the only way

I have been taught by the best

Never give up, never give best a rest

Always swim up stream

When everybody swims down, make that your dream

Shake ’em up, tell them they are wrong

We are the experts, always stay strong


When I was first diagnosed stigma was hard for me

People disbelieving what they were told about me

You are to young

This would leave me highly strung

Increased anxiety, frustration and silent anger

Especially coming from a stranger

You don’t look like you have dementia I would hear all the time

Dementia episodes meant I have to tow the line

People do not realise how much stigma hurts each one of us

At first you do not want to make a fuss

Regained Mojo

When your mojo has gone all is not lost

For this there is no cost

Inspiration is now on it’s way

Then regular posts will be here to stay

The sun still rises and sets each day

Boredom and mixed emotions have been replaced with elation

A challenge has been set for creation

Dementia, family and friends all here to stay