Decisions that are made

Decisions that have stayed

Decisions made are not always right

Sometimes there is no end in sight

Decisions, what is right, what is wrong

Some would sail through like a song

Decisions that will affect quality of life

Decisions made be they right or wrong will still lead to strife


Lucky day coming

Today was such a good day and I am on such a high

It has been a lot of hard work that’s why

With help, push  and praise

From the depths, it did raise

I never thought it would get this far

My good friend, you are to me so dear and a real star

How can I ever repay

Now we wait and hope and pray

Keep everything crossed and tight

I am now in with a fight


I know at times lately I get snappy

The pressure in my head is so bad I am not happy

I am sorry but at least I know

I apologise even though the sadness it does show

Forgiveness seems so easy to ask

Cranky, no, trying to complete this task

Three days pressure free

Then back with vengeance is hard you see

This combined with dementia is not good

I would love not to have either if I could

I am sorry with all my heart