Disability or Ability

People living with dementia have a sentence that will eventually reduce them to a life that bears little thought.

Perhaps if we sit and think constantly about the enviable then that is possibly what ( In time ) will happen.

We cannot choose our destiny but we can choose the journey even if we are dealt some health issues that effect our day-to-day living.

I once had the honour and privilege of meeting and spending time with a filidamide baby who was born without arms or legs. One of the most positive people with a disability I have ever had the pleasure to talk to. When I met this young lady ( circa 1988 ) aged approx 18 the first thing she said to me was ” If you are going to feel sorry for me, don’t or I will not talk to you. Of course she was in a wheel chair with her parents. Her mum later said to me that she admonishes any person who feels sorry for her. This beautiful young lady was a delight to talk to and always laughing and smiling more than able-bodied people. I was at the time working in the hospitality industry.

She never once spoke about her disability, only her abilities to live and enjoy life.

Another young lady who I again had the privilege of knowing was 21 years old but was very short and looked like she was 16. She had completed a university degree but every licensed premise that she went to asked her for her I.D and then told her it was a fake. After checking out her I.D and her credentials I found that she was legitimate and wrote a note ” To whom it may concern ” with my details and contact phone number. About six months later the same girl came back and asked to see me. She was so delighted and excited that she gave me a big kiss for changing her life so much. She had shown the letter to so many people who had refused her entry that she had worn it out, so I had a couple more typed and printed off.

One small act of kindness and finding out who the person is and looking past the disability is a lesson we all can learn in life. Remember the girl with no arms and legs, she did not see herself as having a disability. What can you learn from that?

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