Embarrassed and red

When you first find out you turn around 180 degrees and ask why

I can’t believe that dementia will be what they blame after I die

They are all wrong, I know I am dementia-free

If I have got it who do I see

That’s right, I haven’t got it just ask me

MY wife looks at me and says it will be a hell of a fight

That gives me a hell of a fright

Then I ask where do you think I can go for help

I don’t know, just don’t dribble and yelp

A lady the other day said I can help you

I looked at her and said only if you have to

Dementia Alliance International would be good for you as well

Might as well try it as I have been through hell

Ok, I will give it a go, I finally said.

Support groups are the missing link, even if you get embarrassed and red

That’s where I go and now I am confident and feel really good


Much much more

Do you often think what if tomorrow never arrived at all

Why did I not do this or that yesterday would be your call

Would that have made you enjoy last day much more

I will guarantee you would have smiled, laughed and much much more

Why not treat tomorrow as if it is your last

I waited in a queue

Not so long ago as I waited in queue

A young mother behind thought she was in a bit of a stew

For her, very innocent young son pointed to me and said

“Mummy, look that man has no hair on his head”

I laughed and turned only to see her face embarrassed and red

I knelt down still smiling and said him with delight

Do you know young man you are right

I said to mum what a beautiful innocent age

She smiled, red-faced subduing minimal rage

Standing closer to mum thinking well he has no hair mummy, what have I done

Then it was my turn to be served for which I had come

Dementia you do not rule

Inspiration calls less frequently than it should

I would love to write every day if I could

Inspiration or mojo call it what you will

With positivity, happiness and joy  my heart does fill

Depression is no longer welcome in my life

I have so much to look forward to with my children and my wife

We make choices every day

Make sure yours is positive in every way

Dementia you may live here but you do not rule my life