Tomorrow just like today thing will be the same

That can change as I am in charge of my destiny, it’s not a game

I can sit and mope, rely on hope, wait for change to come along


I can get off my sorry but , and do what I should


Dedication and True Love

I read about and see videos of people with Dementia every day

They talk about how together they will stay

He/she is my hero, my companion for life

For me it is my wife

One thing that is not spoken much about is true love

Dedication is required and can not be obtained from above

Dedication and true love becomes a powerful tool

It can not be obtained through university or school

Genuine true love does not look for notoriety, it comes from the heart

Even more so now you can not stand to be apart

Strong willed, stubborn and yet quiet, no fuss, it is a part of our life

Yes I am talking about my wife

Sitting there all alone with little response because this insidious disease has stolen the one you love

One Step at a Time

Dementia will not  stop me

Avtive in brain, active in body you see

Keeping busy, eating right, exercise, at your own level one step at a time

My exercises suit me and they are mine

Find an activity that will challenge your mind

No I am not being unkind

To sit down and die is to sit down and die

I have dementia and what ever time I have left I will not sit and cry

What we have been dealt is a life changing  blow

Externally there is nothing to show

We are all stigmatised, criticised, categorized and told we are to young

How ever long your life may be is unknown so don’t give up until the fat lady has sung

Aged Care

I normally write a poem in my blog but I am having trouble equating poetry to this situation.

I have recently been told the following by a person who has etensive experiece working in dementia aged care facilities

One such facility is very old with louvered windows that have Rusted frames. Nurses are very limited in number due to budget constraints. This is an issue as we all know only to well.

They cope with people with dementia living in the facility as best they can, but, rarely have time to spend any time to find out anything about the real person living with dementia

One incident that was referred to was about a lady who every afternoon would walk the hallways saying to the staff  ” What time is my dinner coming” to which they would reply ” Soon ” Mary and keep going about their business. I suggested that maybe it would be an idea to find out why she was acting  like this.

They did find out and the findings surprised all of the staff. Apparently Mary used to eat regular small meals every day at the same time. This was prior to being diagnosed with dementia.

The power of repetition became evident. Mary was used to being fed at the same time for each meal every day. She was confused and could not remember why she was doing this every afternoon.

What shocked me was the handling of this issue from that moment on. Now when Mary asks the same question the response is this, ”  Go back to your room Mary and wait or else you will get no meal at all “. 

I was and still am disgusted with this treatment. When I told this person about the Dementia Friendly Communities and how I planned to go out to a many organizations as possible to show them the correct way to treat a person living with Dementia, I was told that would not work as the staff not only would not have the time to attend they would not be able to implement any changes due staff shortages which is due to budget constraints.

Government failure to look after genuine people with disabilities has never been more evident than now or is this one that has just slipped through the cracks.

Food For Thought

Empty Nesters

Not long to go now until empty nesters we will become

Our son Scott is moving out after 31 years and then some

He is moving to a unit behind ours which we think is good

Sad in all as it will be not to have him around it is well understood

He needs his own place

He needs his own space

So three becomes two becomes one

One is for Sue when she feels so alone waiting  for  each dementia episode to be done

Super Cell

Ther is a storm coming, experts say it is a super cell

They  cause damage and destruction, mother nature mad as hell

Destructive winds 100 kmh and then some

Batten down the hatches and wait for it to come

Hail up to the size of your fist

Going outside in this, I would resist

To be outside you would have to have to have a good reason

This usually occurs later in the season

Crash, bang, boom, thunder, lightning, swirling winds hit with such force

Trees down, roof tiles and iron sent flying of course

Then all is quiet, Just heavy rain which is badly needed

Super cells only last about ten minutes

Words spinning round my head

Here I sit in my bed words spinning around inside my head

Trying to get them out instead

Every now and then one or two come to light

I’m  free, now use me in your blog tonight

I used to be good at spelling now, past one sylable I can not spell

This leaves me frustrated as hell

Simple tasks like threading a screw is now an impossible task

Surely that is not much to ask

Simple tasks previously easy, now so frustratingly hard to accept what is mine

I know Dementia does this to me and I should be fine


I am not, I will not whinge or complain

Mixed Feelings

Happy  but sad as well

For people alone or unable-to afford, they must go through hell

Christmas is a time of mixed feelings

I am always greatful and happy to be spending time with family on Christmas day

I quietly say a prayer for the lonely, homeless, anyone in need, a price they pay

No fault of their own, society has let them down

The Government send millions of dollars to overseas aid which most Aussie’s frown

Half that amount would go along way to help the needy, lonely and the poor

Salvo’s and other organizations do a remarkable job greeting some of these people at their door

I wonder if banks and other major businesses with larger profits would donate one percent of their profit to charitable organisations, there would be less people in this situation if at all

Everywhere You go

I no longer go shopping at all

The silly season is upon us and I am afraid i will fall

People rushing here and there trying to get past

I am constantly thinking how long will I last

Anxiety setting in time to get out of here

As more and more people appear

Anxiety will soon turn to fear and subside

People staring but I have nothing to hide

Soon it will all be over for another year

January for many brings electricity and credit card bills which most fear

Diminishing Skills

Why do I do this, now fast becoming all the time

Simple computer tasks, used to say, I will do that, it is fine

The place where I once had all computer knowledge stored

Floats aimlessly  around in there somewhere, leaves me floored

Frustration sets in, fight it hard, surpress those feelings now

It is a part of your life now, some how

Keyboard skills diminishing

Now find it hard finishing any text