Dementia Friendly

During Dementia Awareness Month I wonder how many are aware or care

People say that they do but continue to stare

Spend a day in my shoes, come walk with me

Then and only then will you really see

What goes on inside my brain you will never know

Maybe one day I will be able to show

So called experts say this and that

They simply produce chitter and chat

The only true experts are us

Most of us continue without a fuss

Please learn with me and make Dementia Friendly a part of your daily life


Laughing out loud

Dementia sometimes makes people mad as hell

Laughing in a group brings one out of their shell

Laughing about our many symptoms that only we understand

Symptoms that vary right across the land

We live so far apart yet symptoms and idiosyncrasies are all so similar

Does any of this sound familiar

Laughing, caring, sharing, joke telling followed by laughing out loud

Positive affirmations leaves nothing covered in a shroud

The highlight of my week

Every week I look forward to the meeting which many more do seek


A photo of a tiger hangs on my office wall

 Back when dark times were the only call

Made with 1000 pieces of love and devotion to help me get through my day

At times I wondered if much longer in this world I would stay

Then something happened to change my life forever more

I met a very special lady who I am proud to call my friend and mentor and my life was restored

Dementia Alliance International I was introduced to

Run by positive people for people living with dementia which includes you

Every day I see that tiger who to me represents strength

Drives me harder as my life I do not know the length


Dementia Alliance International means so much to me

I have become a part of a global family you see

I was introduced to this group at the lowest point in my life

Thank you to Kate, John and our weekly support group who are so positive, empowering and strong

On July 25th we lost our mentor, leader, friend, master of words, Richard Taylor, your legacy will be carried on all life long

I love to become more and more involved in this group

Without their love and empowerment I would really still be in the soup

I am now giving back to a group of friends from all over the world who have given so much to me

Empowerment to me means getting out of bed each and every day you see

I think what can I do to improve the life of one person with dementia today

Don’t sit back and say I am a member and that is all you say

Become involved, be proactive, mistakes will be made

That is called dementia the price for which we have all paid

Thank you, Kate Swaffer, my friend, mentor, advisor and thinker of logic

Thank you to my wife, family and friends for remaining stoic


Me, dementia and Dreams

Having Dementia is challenging enough for most of us to endure. The thought of what is yet to come can become life consuming to those who choose to let it be that way. Many forms of dementia present different challenges for all who live with this disease.

People invareabley ask me about my positive attitude towards something that will eventually see me and my family go through hell. Do I think about it? What stage are you at? You know there are seven stages.

You certainly are remarkably brave and strong is often said. If it is important to one and all what stage I am at I will ask my Geriatrician at my next visit. How can you possibly be so positive knowing what is coming, I often get asked, don’t you get scared.

I am human like everybody else and I would not be if I did not from time to time feel sad, depressed and wonder if all of this is really worth it. I feel that remaining positive is like running as fast as you can to always stay in front of the fog that envelopes you if you stop or slow down.

I have feelings like everybody else and some comments do cut straight to the bone, but, as my experience grows I choose to answer these comments so as to turn the situation around and leave them with something to think about while their mouth is open catching flies.

I am and always will be positive and strong choosing not to dwell but get off my butt and spread the word about people living with dementia and how we can live a life that is full and set our own goals and destiny. No longer will the public have a perception of us sitting in the corner, dribbling and staring at the ground.

We will take our rightfull place on each and every board and have full inclusion of every decision made for us and about us. We will stand up and be heard.

I HAVE A DREAM  Matrtin Luther King jnr

No not me

Dementia has a funny way of reminding you that you can still do many of the simple tasks that you once took for granted, only now because of stability issues Whilst performing simple tasks you are getting closer and closer to a fall. That is a part of dementia that I have come to accept and say ” oh well, if it gets much worse I will have to use my cane inside “. Thank you Mr Dementia for the reality check. I see it as another symptom that is progressively getting worse and get on with it.

Then reality bites again when over a period of two or three months something that is  really important to you can no longer be used because you forget to turn it off after use. Knowing that if I continue it will be totally useless to me or anybody else. So the tough decision to sell it was made.

People often ask me if I ever get down or have bad days, because I am so positive to which I reply that I would not be human if I did not have bad days.

Well, this is one of those days. Dementia lets you question if he is really in your life or are the specialists all wrong as I feel so good.

Then something like this happens just to remind you that Mr Dementia is an actual part of your everyday life.

Anxiety, sorrow, anger ( at myself ). That was yesterday, today is a new day


ALL this positive rubbish makes me mad

How can you be happy knowing what is to come?

We all have to die sometime and life has no guarantees, who knows what you will die from or when you will die

My dementia gets worse every day, why should I be happy about that?

So do my symptoms but I choose to accept that as part of dementia and treat each new challenge with laughter and just get on with life

What stage are you in?

Don’t know or care, just take each day as it comes

Do you ever get down and feel depressed?

I would not be human if I did not get down from time to time, but, that generally occurs when I have little to do

So keeping your brain active helps you?

Yes. I want to reach as many people as I can whilst I can to educate them about dementia. If I sat at home in my chair I would constantly be thinking about when, where and how

Don’t be like this poor little old me, get up out of that chair, stand up for your rights. Get out outside talk to people tell them you have dementia and tell about what they can do to help you and every other person with dementia.


Keeps me grounded

Yet another very busy week coming up again

Monday through to Friday all booked out with some I had to refrain

Even though this makes me exhausted, drained and exhilarated at the same time

I not only enjoy but love it feels so good it is almost a crime

Being busy is my choice and keeps me grounded

Laugh or Cry

Failure to laugh at dementia means you enjoy having a cry

As symptoms progressively get worse use laughter to cope, give it a try

Do you remember I told you that yesterday, to which the answer is no

Well I did now come on get ready then we will go

Remind me again why we are going and what we will be doing there

It is not as if I don’t care

Sue looks at me and we both laugh as if it does not matter

So off we go with lots of laughing and chatter

With patience forever tested

My special ANGEL  never feels rested

Without laughter each time we look at each other we would cry

I need to have a pee

Sitting in my chair I think I will get up and have a pee

On my way to the ensuite I notice a job not finished from before you see

So, I finish the job I started before

As my mind races and many unfinished jobs and many more

That’s right I need to do that, so off to my office I do go

On my I think I need a drink, will start and go slow

Fill my glass with water and head off to my office and finish a job I need to complete

Forgotten what it was, so, I return to my seat

Dam, I need a pee

Completion rate for that 5-10 minutes was zero as you can see