One day soon

One day soon Dementia will seriously come to play

Play with my mind and it will stay

Until that day I will be strong

I hope the time before will be long

Stay strong, happy, positive and pleased

Pleased that with good friends everything will be eased

Dementia keeps throwing me challenges all the time

A part of dementia I know it is, sometimes it feels like a crime

Have a great day, enjoy with all of your might

Yesterday is gone, keep tomorrow in sight

Laugh a little

Changes both good and bad are a part of every day life for those of us living with dementia. Depending on how far advanced your dementia is will usually determine how you handle them. I choose at the moment to laugh at most as this helps to lessen the frustration. Yesterday I was taking the rubbish out to the bin, when I got to the bin and opened the lid a could not remember where I had put the bag of rubbish. After looking in all of the obvious places I retraced my steps only to find that I had left the bag at the back door. Stability is becoming a real issue as I can be walking a distance of about 10 feet and lose my balance. Dam dementia. Makes feel like a drunk man walking home from the pub, but gives us a laugh.

Having good and supportive friends is also a huge part of the dementia journey. I am very lucky to have just that in so many of my friends that are members of Dementia Alliance International. A very special group of people who also have dementia. It is a group ran by people with dementia for people with dementia. One the most important things you can do if you have a confirmed diagnosis of dementia is to join at    It could be the best decision you have ever made. We would love to hear your story about your dementia journey. Membership is free

Male pride

Being strong – can be changed in an instant

Dreams that come to fruition can be shattered

To be strong, tough and understanding externally does not always mean internally as well

Male pride can be an obstacle

Avoid at all cost, a sentiment which is not lost

Compassion, caring and listening are a dying art

To assume that all is ok, is that ok

“Build a bridge” comes to mind

Until that happens, avoid at all cost

Life goes on as before

Normality is not always restored

All values dreams and actions come into question

Will one continue, change or walk away

Many things happen to bring this on including personal issues

Word spoken which do cut deep

Those of which internally we will always keep

Commitment and DAI

Living with dementia and remaining positive is easy for me

Every day begins and ends that way you see

Projects, plans, meetings and support groups all keep me grounded

The success of these events that I am passionate about still leaves me astounded

DAI is my passion with my commitment growing ever stronger

The fight for the rights of the disabled will take a little longer

More people need to stand up to the plate

Forget about whingeing, displeasures and hate

Life goes on, the sun still rises and sets

Many issues I write about I will never forget

Sleep evades me

Sleep evades me now more than a normal night

Five am, little or none up to now, that’s right

Eyelids heavy and very tired am I

Then why can’t I sleep, why, why, why

Night gives way to day as dawn will soon appear

I will get to sleep, have no fear