Each and every day I say to my wife and family it’s ok to laugh when I crack a funny
I know they are laughing with me because apparently some of the stories I tell are quite funny. Every time we hear a helicopter I say must be a shoot out, something going down in the hood. I will ask to go to the Yellow shop.The conversation goes something like this Sue tells me. Sue: Why do you want to go to the yellow shop?
Mick: Buy big TV this big for thousand dollar
Sue: Where is the money coming from?
Mick: From scottie room, him has pile this big. ( half meter)
Sue: Oh’ have you seen it have you?
Mick: No him told me, me no lowed in Scottie’s room
When Scott finishes work and gets home.
Scott: oh! Where is it in my room?
Mick: Me no know you told me you no tell me where.
This is just one of many funny tales of dementia imagination.
There are plenty more that I will share but for now I will try to get some sleep as it is 4.30 am. The nurse from Anglicare who comes once a month said to us that living with someone with dementia is like living with a four year old all over again


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