Past Present and Future

When I was young ear infections used to come around often

Oil in the ear with a cotton wool ball  for pain to soften

No such thing as antibotics, dam things gave me hell

As I grew up and older each year, infections seemed to dissapear as well

I often think back to those times of late

Life was simple then, times were great

We used to read about futureistic things like the Concord Jet

Space traveland jet powered avaition not as yet

Cancer was realatively unheard of if at all

What would things be like, say twenty, thirty, fifty years from now, or would technology stall

Now I think one day they will be able to cure, Dementia, Heart Disease, Diabeties and many more

Will cars sill drive on the road or will the ” Jetsons ” become a reality for shore

Technology is determined by the brilliant scientists and technologically minded scholars who are not afraid to fail

Dream on and soon fiction will become fact, impossible will be possible just not for me

Dementia is terminal, here to stay, no cure, but in the future just wait and see


Our Little House

Our little house is full for the next three weeks

Daughter, Son in law and grandson all here as well for accomadation they do seek

Three weeks till new house is ready to move in they have been told

Their current house has been sold

We love having them here as well

We all have to put up with boxes, bags, mattresses, computers which lovingly causes a big swell

Batten down the Hatches

As we all sit here and wait

Batten down the hatches, even the gate

One months rain in 24 hours

Gusts of whind up to sixty miles an hour which may force us to cower

As cyclone MARCIA barrells down the coast

Power could go out preventing us from eating our breakfast toast

Cyclone Marcia hit the coast at 165 miles per hour yesterday morning

A coastal town called YEPPOON was first as the day was dawning

Today is Brisbane’s turn, swollen creeks , flooded rivers and roads as well

Even though not a bad we will still go through hell

Stay safe south east Queensland

About Us Without Us

Every day that I wake up it becomes the first day of the rest of my life

I know if I don’t I will be in strife

Some people talk about living well

Some swear they are going through hell

No matter how I feel inside, I always have a positive attitude externally

People say I don’t know how you do it, with good intentions verbally

People living with Dementia from all over the world are now standing up for their rights,  OUR VOICE WILL BE HEARD


No longer will we sit back and have decisions made for us and about us without us

Yes we will make a noise and a fuss

Logical Advice

Thank you to my wife, the love of my life

   You are always there to support and hold me up, my wife

You know when I am down, having a bad day, or, feelig blue

That’s why we have stuck together like glue

You prop me up and keep me going when I am down

Having a bad day is not something for which I known

Another door slams shut in my face

Next day get back in the human race

Great support from family and friends is all that is needed

Logical advice I have heeded


Legal or Not Legal

If we are told by all concerned to get your life affairs in order sooner rather than later

We get the mountain of paperwork filled out, enough to fill a large crater

Get legal advice, they say

For this service you will have to pay

Discussions had, frustrations sorted off to the solicitor we go

Final wishes planned and discussed to the solicitor we do show

A letter from my medical specialist saying I was competent to make these decisions as I was of a sound mind

How kind

Legal documents signed by correct authorities  are just that you see

A piece of paper signed by us all for a fee

Final wishes now carved in stone, or are they

A person should be allowed to die with dignity and respect they say

So if a legal document is required to stop any confusion and bickering

In the end it causes bickering and all in court all the time bickering and snickering

We have been through hell, respect our last wishes, it is after all what we want

Commitment, love and understanding

Today my family bought me to tears

Forging a bond we have all had for years

To say thank you is not enough, I am so proud

Also leaves me feeling  guilty and sad which I can’t say aloud

Guilty for what dementia is doing to me

Sad because of what my family goes through and what they see

My wife, son and daughter all had tattoos on their left foot etched in ink

Purple dementia ribbon and a butterfly makes you stop and think

A permanent reminder of love, hope and understanding means so much

To express feelings of Love and understanding as such

Is very difficult to find enough  meaningful words to make a sentence complete

Each day brings new challenges with dementia for which I compete

Thank you Sue, Melissa and Scott,  I love you so much

Your humbling, love, compassion and understanding astounds me every day along with your gentle touch

Together we will fight this battle to the end with understanding , love and compassion

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, a day when most people spend money on love

Usually  involves something red and expensive, ending up in a bin or a draw they do shove

Well meaning gifts purchased with perfect intent

For some their hearts will suffer a dent

365 days in a year, why do you express your love on only one

I love my DARLING wife and I tell her three or four times a day, every day bar none

Every day should be valentine’s day, full of compliments, affection and devotion

Clever marketing, visual effects to cause impulse buying are all superficial, designed to lighten your pockets, increase sales, while the mood is in motion

Some couples , who can, have a date night once a week

Easy for some, others, harder to seek

I love you DARLING, you are my wife, soul mate, rock, and the love of my life

Every day I am so proud and greatfull to call you my wife

Together we have something money can not buy

True love

Happy Valentine’s day My  Darling

Generations gone by

In generations long gone by

Neighbours would bake and call in to say hello with a cake  or a pie

Then technology advanced to a telephone on which long conversations would prevail

Lengthy chats and gossip, never fail

Ladies talking over the fence, men discussing footy,news  and what ever at the pub over a beer

All conversation made without retribution or fear

Now, technology has conversation has become a thing  of the past

What a shame it did not last

When will we learn

Doom, gloom, hatred, senseless killings for no reason at all

Everyday news or social media filled with bad news, enough to make you think the sun is going to fall

Good news does not sell newspapers they used to say

Now itis the same for T.V and social media and the likes, it does not pay

No one makes you laugh any more for fear it may offend

Litigation is rife, when will it all end

WOW, almost fell into an unwarranted bout of depression

Almost a move towards regression

Fortunately I have surrounded myself and my family with people who have a positive thoughtful caring attitude towards life

Laugh in the face of adversity

To be highly educated in the school of love, life and laughter will carry on from life’s school to a life long university

Remember to live a life that is full of love, laughter, caring and sharing each and every day