Today was better

Today was a better day than yesterday was, I know

How do I know, I can’t remember I have little to show

I remember I enjoyed it, at least I think so

I think I laughed giving it a go

Tomorrow will be as new as today was, I hope

Far better to laugh than sit around and mope

When I wake up I will, I will, umm

I know I will jump out of bed and then, and then, umm

Where am I, why am I here, where is my wife

She is the love of my life


Dementia has not claimed my life

Dementia has not claimed my life

It may have changed my life

Daily challenges I have to meet

At least I am still on my feet

My disAbility still allows me to speak

People look at me like I am a freak

They do not know or care

That parts of my brain are failing and beyond repair

Terminal as this disease may be

The end result is never in my daily thoughts you see

I have too much to live for this day, tomorrow and the next

To help as many as I can this is my quest

Remember Me

Remember me I am the one who used to be here

I am the one who you spoke to without fear

I am the one who you listen to but do not hear what I say

Remember me I am the one you used to love now for which I pray

Why don’t you call, why don’t you talk

You avoid me when you see me when you walk

This cruel disease robbed us of love and friendship that we used to share

Back then you used to care

Remember me because I am still here

I am told that you do no longer know what say

Simply start with, hello, is what I hope and pray

Remember me please remember me