Mixed emotions

I am sitting with several ideas running  round in my head

Some can be published, some not, confusion instead

Maybe this maybe that, which dam one will feature tonight

One will require much more insight

Moreband more people visit  my blog site everyday

Writing poems from the heart is here to stay


Truth and Integrity

All my life I have believed that honesty and integrity are the most important attributes in life

Yet all my life I have found so many  people who gain advantages through dishonesty and never get into strife

I have been told that I can be “to honest” at times

if that is true is that a crime

Social media and Me

It is really strange how negativity always finds friends

Some wallow in their own self pity and similar people with negative comments they do send

Social media is not always a happy place

Depression mixed with inspiration and communications, some even misuse the space

Some forms of  social media are confusing to me

That I have been tagged, retweeted or shared means nothing you see

Criminal Desires

Some people have little to do with a talent they posess

Turning talent into crime into scams with no regress

These people should be strung up by a certain part of their anatomy

To lazy to to get off their bums to get a real job, just a burden to our economy

Taking great delight in creating havoc in our lives

Wish they would break out in the worst case of hives

Shamefully many talented brains are wasted on criminal desires

Speak Up Now

Much has been said lately about the direction we must go

The path we must choose quickly not slow

Dementia is being discussed now, more than ever before

We need to act now that’s for shore

Everybody who has Alzheimer’s/Dementia, your voice needs to be heard

Advocation for our rights, public listening, not saying a word

Speak up, speak out

From the rooftops do shout

Life Changing Event

It has been a week now

Perth conferene seems so far away some how

The hustle and bustle are what I miss right now, even standing in a queue

Everyday, an experience, memorable and new

For me, forever life changing

Rush here, go there, we are late, the event is already staging

Life changing event now memories forever

What will tomorrow bring

Each day gets busier now as this week comes to a close

Read this, copy that, fill out that all day, tidy up those papers that lay there all loose

Love my life, busy, hectic, do this be here go there

Where did I leave that report, where, where, where

Can’t wait for tomorrow to see what electronic media brings

My life has meaning, that really sings

This is not religion, a cult or sinister at all

Life starts with you, take the first step, makes you feel tall

Positive all day long

Feeling especially good and positive all day long

ALways positive and staying strong

Don’t read negative, depressing or sad

some people are genuinely sad, me I am just glad

LIfe is good for those who make it

Stay active and keep fit

FInd an activity to keep your brain active all day

You too can do a 180 with your life the same way

Seek, search, plan and activate your plan

Embarrassing and anger

Never have I felt so ashamed or angry in my life

A beautiful young lady stood up to make a point only to end in strife

Mr. Ignorant, arrogant and many other things

Completely ignored her, cut her off, made us all cringe

Your knowledge of dementia would fit on the end of a cigarette but

Complete disrespect and regard with the door you did shut

Chauvenistic  is a word been used by females in the crowd

The young lady was left embarrassed and angry and should continue to speak up loud

Privacy or a fool

How far does one go to protect oneself in privacy laws

Don’t take my photo unless I give permission or you will see my claws

You can not use it for this or for that

I am speaking in public which means what

Public means public so stop and think

You are walking around with the poker stuck up you know where so you thinks your S##t does not stink

Nose in the air, stuck in the 70s with your glasses on your oversized nose

Ignorant, arrogant, imposing, we had to stay for our friend, you we never chose

Publicly choosing privacy makes you a complete TOOL

Leaves you looking like a fool