Smile, once in a while

Social media today is strange

Stories and comments. such a diverse range

People’s mood changes like a light switch

So called positive to negative without a hitch

I am not negative, positive comments are all I make

Read them for heaven’s sake

Being positive each and every day is the way we all should stay

Each and every day

Start each day with ” What can I do to make someone smile “

Smile yourself. try it once in a while


You can change it

I was preparing a presentation today and sue was timing me because I like to be prepared rather than under prepared.

I started to think how far my life has come since being diagnosed with FTD. Like everybody, i went through the darkest of dark times.

To reflect on them now is for me to negative as I now only focus on the positive.

 I have learned very quickly that symptoms are going to increase, possibly new ones appear.

That is dementia.

What you choose to do next is up to you.

To wallow in your own self-pity is life threatening. Turn negatives in positives. NO it is not easy, it takes practice and support from those close to you.

Laugh at the little things, which may seem the size of a mountain. You know one day dementia will win, but, until then you take control.

I have a tendency to lose my balance. OK, that is now part of my life, so what, I can’t change it, so when it happens I say to myself, ” BUGGER THAT WAS CLOSE ” Oh well.

What is positive about that, well to me it is funny and a part of my day, every day.

Persistence and resistance

A feeling of not being valued met with total resistance

But they are being resisted by persistence

Persistence about my reason as to why

Their reasoning is supposed to make me cry

Final is my decision for all to see

I am one but together how strong we can be

People with dementia will no longer be told to be silent

For this issue I am hellbent

Many issues face us every day

To be told by an academic that we should be quiet, what do we say.

Are we all in agreement is what I hear every time

To sit, agree and be quiet is certainly a crime

If  you do not have dementia you can’t know what we are going through every day

To say you DO means you are fooling yourself in every way


Persistence, hard work and determination are all part of the creation

Never give in even if it seems harder than tooth extraction

One day your dream comes to fruition from “I have a dream”

Despair turns to elation in the culmination of hard work towards that dream

Now for another chapter to begin

To hear such laughter, chatting for us it isn’t a sin

Laughter is the best medicine they say

We had plenty, for which we did pay

Hader to Find

Brain brain brain why is thinking and remembering such a strain

I can’t remember why I am here, it’s such a strain

Can you please help me remember what I am looking for

I don’t remember why I stand in front of this door

Where is the kettle and  tea pot

What do I want them for Sue says I think not

At times words seem harder to find

If I get down kick me in the behind


When we were young we used the think 60 was old

Now as I quickly approach it I am ancient I am told

To be fourteen in a world where technology changes daily

The electronic age has left me behind plainly

What is out there now and what is to come

Hopefully sixty and then some

What age is now old to us

Where every day we wake up is a plus.

Do I want to be a centenarian not on your nelly

I often think where would I be if was I still sitting watching the telly

I love being active  my brain does to

The parts that have left having more to do

Now back to what you said

I can’t remember what you told me yesterday

Tell me again, maybe this time it will stay

Your face looks familiar to me

I should know your name

I have seen your picture in a frame

What was it you told me, tell me again

Remembering is now a strain

I am still me, at least I think I am, aren’t I

If I’m not then why

Positive is a choice I make

Before my memory dementia will take

Maybe I really do have dementia, just like they say

OH, that’s right, I do, I remember, I think, they say it will stay

Now back to what you said


What turbulent weekend it has been

one the likes of we have never seen

Disgusting article, whose journalistic abilities are questionable to say the least

Global condemnation with awareness increased

To write such hurtful, harmful alarming  trash without research is truly disgusting for us all

At least with our diagnosis, if we discuss it that is our call

So many experts to call  Australia wide

For such an internationally recognised paper to allow this to go to print,now there is nowhere to hide

Condemnation from near and far

Misguided judgement by editorial staff will forever last

Recriminations of discriminatory abuse have spread fast

A complete disregard for factual information from the editor of AFR


Diminishing skills are requiring me to pull back

Comprehension, concentration and stability, I do lack

Walking even inside now requires a cane

Memory, short-term, really a strain

OH WELL, accept it, get used to it

It’s called dementia, suck it up and stay fit