You don’t believe me

Dementia does not show external scars

You can’t see my brain is missing parts which you still have

Not all illnesses show externally

I look like you

I talk like you

You say to me “You look the same as you always have”

I am still the same I am still me

Dementia is terminal, no going back

You think I am going to dribble from the side of my mouth stare at the floor and shit my pants

OOPS, that must be dementia talking as I don’t swear

Oh, that’s right I don’t have dementia and you don’t really care

If I had cancer, would you treat me the same

OH that’s right you don’t believe me or care

Don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way out

You tell my wife you do not believe a word I say

I only hope that you never have to go through this, that much I pray



Pain is now my friend

When pain becomes my best friend

Somewhere else I wish I could send

Too many drugs make me high

The I get slower and just sigh

I feel like I on the ceiling with pain still reeling

Drugs do not take away the pain of which I am stealing

Drugs masking pain, holding neck straight is so hard to do

You must be going through hell

You must be going through hell

Things are progressing faster than I want as I am sure you can tell

I hope I am not snappy as I have been before

You must see more than I know for sure

How you do it I do not know

Your stress and worry rarely show

I am forgetting much more everyday

I feel like this is a heavy price to pay

As my Aphasia continues to increase every day

Knowing one day speaking will be a thing of the past

I know you will cry silent tears every night

I feel myself slipping  with much fright

 How you do it I do not know

I love you for all that you do