Second Opinion

Another day, another specialist today at last

Second opinion which was cast

At least we were told what we really knew

It is now confirmed it is in her heart right on que

It is now confirmed it is active again

All of this so far incites anger at misdiagnosis by a trainee specialist who does not know and or did not refrain

Today the specialist then said wait another six months unless something changes

We will make sure every test is within the ranges

Any changes will certainly see a defibilator fitted if needed

Confusion, stress, anxiety  and the increased fear of will today  be the day that my heart will stop must be headed

Like Dementia, Sarcoidosis can be fatal, if the heart stop that is it

This the life of my wife, my carer, love of my life, Suzie


2 am, Crash, Bang, Boom

I have written in my poems about my lack of sleep

Well I was about to get organized to write a new poem to keep

Wide awake, 2 am, had just ticked over I had noticed

Reached for my adjustable to write a poem to be posted

Next thing, the table went south

Lamp went north, crash, bang, ” oh shit ” came out of my mouth

Globe in lamp broke internally, only casualty that I can see

Very lucky for me

A Good Friend

It hurts me and saddens me so, to see a good friend suffer so much

Normally bright, bubbly and always right, as such

The emotional pain that is tearing your heart apart will always remain

Dulled by time and good friends, kind words, lend you an ear ,talking refrain

You are a rock, inspiration to us all

There is no greater pain than a loved one’s love lost, mistrust, anger, insults is such a bad call

Jealousy, disbelieving insults you expect from people you do not know

Now is the time to rise above them, show them you still stand tall

Those of us who know are all hear for you guys if you need

A call, an email or just a chat is what we are here for indeed

Hugs and kisses to you all

This isidious disease

This insidious disease never ceases to amaze me

Unpredictable every day it will be

A constant reminder is memory or, lack of it

What were you doing yesterday at noon, think for a bit

I do not remember what was the leading story on the nightly news at six

A familiar item is moved to a different place, you think your mind is plaing tricks

You can see it but the item does not register seeing it at all

My Grandfather

I often think about my Grandfather Bob

A true Gentleman at all times, dressed to perfection, never a slob

He proudly drove his prized holden first ever produced, made him proud

Pale green exterior, red leather interior, smell, feel  and touch left you on a cloud

Even with a heart that constantly stopped

Almost every day, into a funeral he popped

His heart specialist told him it would help to drink stout

Much to family’s huon cries and shout

Life was tough for them, the depression, two wars and BLACK FRIDAY FIRES, which destroyed their little pub back when

Humour and love of his grandchildren made him stand tall

Two weeks before he died he said to me ” when I die, I want to die with my boots on

One morning he went out as usual to feed the chooks, they found him clung to the wire fence

At the time I was Twelve, vived memories hence

Nothing but great memories I shall forever have


I sit in my office in peace and quiet, thinking about how far things have come

Being busy for me as it is quiet for some

Reflection brings disappointment and joy over the last year

Disappointment at sitting on my bum for to long with the occasional tear

Joy for the new found world that I have discovered exists out there

I am now more sensitive and caring towards others and I really care

For me to admit this is a big thing

Perhaps Dementia came along to tap me on the shoulder as it could not give me a ring

Who knows, it is here and here it will stay

I no longer I can not do that, now I say, I will achieve that one day

Some Wonder Why

This is a true story told to me by a person living with Dementia, and she is not alone

If only the good ones could be cloned

All to often Siblings and so called friends only ring once a year

They do not listen nor do they hear

Come Christmas time they ring to ask  all about you

Before cutting you off  and telling you about their colds and flu to

You can only do so much with people like this

Always the same ” I hear things are on the improve” they say in cold hearted bliss

After listening to their worries and woes

 Makes you wonder why they rang, perhaps guilty from head to toe

Oh well, let them live in their own little world of self importance with stories to tell

I care about the ones that I love, the rest can ” rot in hell”

Poetry For Me

When I started writing poetry, it was and still is very cathartic for me
I find it helps to express my feelings, who cares if all can see
Then It became a passion
One became ten, became twenty, then more, all written with compassion
Positive feedback is all I have received to date
This makes them easier to create
For reasons unknown poetry comes easy to me
Usually around three a.m you see

Christmas and Stigma

Christmas, Christmas, here again for all to share

Share, share, glare, glare

Yes I am still me

I may not talk the same as you

I really enjoy Christmas to

Ignore me, avoid me, I expect that of you

You see I do not feel guilty, but, I have to see this through

Do not use the ” D ” word because I am to young

Don’t include me as carols will be sung

At the table you continue at my food which cut up small

Food placed in special bowl or someone I will have to call

Alcohol takes over, snigger, snigger, whisper, whisper, look at him

This does not phase me or concern me as it is your loss and my win

Merry Christmas to all the STIGMA LOSERS, watch out for me I am coming your way

Education is the way ahead, learn how to treat me then you might talk TO me an d I will stay

100 Posts

Today i Have reached a milestone I THOUGHT  was  NEVER  going to be achieved

100 poems, only because I finally believed

I was pushed, believed in, inspired by words of wisdom from many

Considering 12 months ago I had not written any

Thankyou to many and all, you know who you are

To all my readers and followers your kind words have been an inspiration

Now I hope there is a continuation

Big Thank you to My Wife Sue and Family, Sister and brother in law,Liz and Michael. Kate Swaffer has been my rock, my inspiration to achieve. Truful Loving Kindness for publishing many of my poems in PWD. Many others that I can’t remember ( sorry memory is not so good) your names. You all know who you are