Power Black out

It is amazing what happens during a power blackout

Electricity we have to go with out

No T.V, games, ipads, nothing at all

Where did you put the candles was the call

Candles found, can we find matches with such ease

Lights flick on for a nanno second as a tease

With a huon cry we sit in flickering light

Flames flickering and dancing on the wall, seems no end in sight

Ninety minutes later normaity is returned


True, as it happened

A few years ago I went to a phyisotherapist about lower back pain

He was very good as I stretched and strained

A part of the program was pain managementand a psychologist I had to see

Try as hard as she could she could not break me

She said “In twelve months you have not cried once ”  why?

I am not here to cry

One visit she said I want you to try something new

She turned out the lights and now I will close my eyes and I want to do it to

Skeptical I became

Now put a ring around the pain

Colour it in with any  colour that you like

Now ” BLOW IT UP ” and your pain will take a hike

You have wasted four years of your life at university I responded to her

It is not for everybody she concurred as it were

The above is true and accurate as it happened

Aches and pain

My head aches, my back is very sore, my hand shakes

All of these ailments are true  this morning when I do wake

I think for heavens sake

Get a grip man, you alive are you not

Get out of bed, pull on some old gear, exercise, shower and enjoy the rest of your day some what

New Dementia drugs and cures

Every week it seems there is a new wonder drug

With a lack of confidence, shoulders I do shrug

Caution and trepidation before excitement and your trust

Will they actually be released or sit in the lab and rust

Are the scientists pacifying  the philanthropists and drug companies  with these findings and cures

This new drug or treatment, we are led to believe, will be available before I die is the lure

Finding a preventative drug is really good, what about me

No talk of slowing or reversing the progression you see

Family ring and say ” They have found a cure, you must be pleased “

Only to be deflated by ” That’s great, a cure comes out every week, which one do I believe”, my brain is on the way to being siezed

I hope and pray that one day all of this will come to fruition


New day dawning

Wake up, get out of bed yawning

Another spent on the right side of the grass

They say the grass is greener on the other side, that’s so crass

Wake up with a smile each and every day

Hoping much longer I can stay

That’s why each day I cherish my life

Another day spent with family and my wife


It would be great in a perfect world if we all lived in a bubble

To stop our voices being heard they shuffle and huddle

Government should pass a law insisting involvement  at every level

Oh of course we live in a bubble, hierarchy, now looking dishevelled

Dissemination at all levels as truths are levelled

What would it take to burst that bubble in one big move

Stand together and to the hierarchy we would prove

We have a voice, we do not dribble, we can, walk ,talk even though our situation will not improve

Do we tell a scientist or academics  how and what rules their proffesional and personal lives every hour of each day

How can they make decisions without us having input and our say

Lets BURST that bubble, fight for our rights, stand up together as one for which they will listen or pay

OFF they go

Most of my poems, printed, packed and ready to go

The publisher will have a look, I am in with a show

If they do not get published, there is no shame

To get this far and still be in the game

I never imagined my simple liitle poems, to a publisher they would go

I am a winner already and this fills me with pride that to him I can show

Love and devotion

What can I say about the love, care and devotion of Suzie my Wife

They said it would not last, but, my commitment is for life

She suffers in silence every day and night

Carers are Angels in disguise, I can’t be let out of her sight

This insidious thing has been thrust upon us

Loving care and kindness without a fuss

Love you my darling and always will with all my heart

We will enjoy each day of suffering, love and never being apart

True to being a woman your logic wins in the end

Without it extra hours I would spend

Love you Suzie with all of my heart

You are my ” SPECIAL ANGEL ” a bond only we share

Words can not express the absolute LOVE I have for you

Than you My Darling Suzie

Scott, new life

Scott our son is better than most parents could wish and hope for

Loving, kind, considerate, that’s for shore

Tall, skinny and strong

Sometimes it seems he has been training all day long

Work, weights, treadmill and other gym equipment are a part of his daily life

Persistence and commitment are rife

He understands and suffers in silence as each day goes past

Thank you Scottie, your love trust and devotion will always last

With a huge total of weight loss, now a third the size

Many people do not realize

We love you Scottie and always will

A special Bond

My beautiful loving , caring considerate sister who really cares

We have a special bond called love for which we share

She knows , understands and does not judge

Liz is a loving wife, mother and grandmother, she harbours no grudge

Kindness is synonymous with her name

I love her dearly for all of this, but, mostly for understanding with no shame

The bond between a brother and sister can not be broken

Love means truth in every word spoken

I promise to love you dearly for the rest of my life, however long that may be

Each day is another one you see

Love you dearly Liz, just you and me