Dementia has a way

One’s immortality is always in question as we know

Dementia has a way of showing that as each hour shows

One thing that is apparent is that eventually dementia will win

Until that day when I can no longer continue, I will wear a grin

This does not mean that I am stronger, will last any longer or I am not aware

For as long as I can and people will listen, my story I will share

For reasons many and varied, some people are not able to function as I do

Perhaps ” LIVING WITH DEMENTIA, AS I DO ” would be better suited to me and you

I will continue to do what I do and enable more people to speak out


Maybe one day

May be one day dementia will go away

Maybe one day it will stay

Maybe one day a cure will be found

Maybe to some that that is sound

Maybe one day

Maybe the next day

Maybe, maybe is all we get

Maybe there is hope funding will come our way yet

Maybe maybe reality will win through, but for now??????????????

Moving out

Empty nesters we are now

Rearrange, change to suit us somehow

Sue wants to do this, do that as well

No more, be quiet, do not wake, that will be swell

Miss him, love him, he says it’s time to go

Two grown children now with plenty of love to show

Pleased and proud are we that they are so loving caring adults as well

Never once have they put us through hell

Any way, empty nesters are we

How is your headache?

It is not until you think your life is about to be cut short

That immortality is something on which you report

Everything else fades into insignificance

Life, love and laughter are the best resistance

You will be fine, so they say

If your symptoms come back then come back in for another stay

Cold comfort coming from professionals who wouldn’t listen

Good to know I am now a part of the system

It is only a headache, take two panadol and it will go away

If it wasn’t so serious, a comedy series would be soon on the way

For the moment

Busy as usual, achieving some tasks

I have an overwhelming feeling hoping it will not last

Feeling as though something important I have not done

Anxiety or stress are not a factor as this feeling I try to overcome

Speeches prepared edited, practiced, all done

Still this feeling lingers

As my mind races way ahead of my slow two typing fingers

I will find out soon enough

Not knowing can be frustratingly rough

Oh well, life goes on

For the moment dementia has won