Being me

Dementia can be strange at times

Even finding words for this line

Priorities get pushed to one side

Head spinning jobs to do, feel like I should hide

Rationale is left behind you see

You think what should I do to get back to being me

Progressing at a faster rate

As time draws closer and things are progressing at a faster rate

I am hoping that I will not forever have to close the gate

Do I throw caution to the wind

Then if I lose it will be something I cannot rescind

If I have to I will roll the dice

The rug will not be pulled from under my feet for that will be twice

Fear not as a positive attitude will win in end

This is the message to my brain I am trying to send

Pain is a pain

Why is pain such a pain when you do not need pain

Some say it is brain strain

Tell my neck that it is all in my imagination every day

Doctors tell me it is here to stay

This is not in my imagination at all

I will do more work that should be the call

That will solve two things at the one time

Then and only then will I shine

Dementia, what do you see?

My eldest sister Liz is the only blood sibling that I am related to

I have a good friend who I love very much as a sister too

Liz and I get along so well, Kate’s the boss, don’t I know that well

She is responsible for me coming out of my shell

Dementia divides but rarely conquers only in a bond called love

Rarely does this happen, like a gift from above

My darling wife Sue and I have a love only a man and his partner know

My rock who is most of the time right

She sleeps next to me now in the dead of the night

People who do not know what true love is will never be truly happy

I can only hope their lives will be crappy

Thank you,Sue, Liz and Kate for opening your hearts, lives and homes for someone like me

Plain old me who happens to live with DEMENTIA you see

A lesson never learned

Always on the outer never looking in

Strained sibling relationships wearing ever so thin

One chance too many given  now taken away

Somehow I feel these feelings will stay

Self-righteous high towers with heads stuck up their a##e

Makes their pretentious sickly sweet talking a farce

True love, they will never know

Make believe just for show

You have crossed the line for which there is no return

Unfortunately, for you this lesson, you will never learn

Money can buy many a thing but true love comes from the heart

Poor Love

Good friends are forever

Some families never stay together

Drifting further apart day after day

Then get such a shock when they hear you speaking with PPA

I will make it and then hang up she thought

Not thinking what fury, angst those actions brought

To say that every action causes a reaction is so true

No, I can’t talk to him over the phone as I may catch it too

Rude, snobbish and downright disrespectful to me as well

Uncomfortable for her, poor love, whilst I am going through hell

Remember the past

Coming so fast going so slow, dreams that have past that are no more

It is now becoming apparent that I am worse than before

Before this, I could use this, do that with ease

Now I have trouble with much more if you please

I know yesterday I could do that task

I am told gently by Sue, that it has been longer, now a memory from my past

Stupid technology meant for fingers of light

Not for twitching, bouncing and jumping like I just had a fright

Slowly but surely, one by one

If this keeps going, cognitive ability, memory, I will have none

This thing called dementia is starting to win

Hey dementia, I am not giving in

I will fight you to the last

Even if I no longer remember the past