All is well and good

Recently at a family pre-Christmas gathering something became very apparent to me

My wife, children, grandson and one other you see

All is fine, well and good

Great food and company as it should

Dementia not too bad as many a conversation was held

Young people speaking of good times past and present as well

It suddenly dawned on me that there was only dementia and me

As conversation and noise increased I felt there was only dementia and me

Never in a million years would I say anything against my family

In years gone past I would have joined in the conversation you see

Withdrawing from conversation caused by dementia is cruel to a person like me

As more people and children arrived I went further and further into my own little dementia world of being alone

Eyes upon me waiting to see what I would do next does not help me at all

There is nothing wrong with me it is just my dementia, that’s all


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